Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to pack your House items – Best tips of Packing

The very first step of relocation is packing of goods in such a manner that they are immune to any damage and harsh weather conditions. In other words goods are to be packed perfectly in such a manner they reach the destination in one piece.

 For this one has to adopt best packing tips and measures and here are few packing best packing tips that will transpire your household relocation into a cake walk activity.
  1. Make check list of all the items: First and foremost aspect is to make the check list of all the items that are to be relocated and then bifurcate them on the basis of their weight and nature as delicate items need robust packing as they are prone to get damaged easily.
  2. Corner the packing materials: After cornering the house hold goods based on their weight and nature of the goods, select the packing materials based on specifications of goods. Purchase packing boxes, tapes, bubble sheets, corrugated boxes etc based on the requirements n nature of goods.
  3. Packing the goods: Stack the goods in one place so that they are packed perfectly and nothing is missed. Also sitting in the middle with goods spread all over is confusing. So it is better to start with one room, finish it off then move to the other. Use innovative and special type of packing for goods that are delicate. Make use of robust corrugated boxes, bubble sheets so that goods reach the destination in one piece. 
  4. Label the boxes: After packing it is advisable to label the boxes as labeling each carton will make it easy for one to unpack the goods at the destination. Also label in cartons will be torch light for arranging goods in transport as one can arrange the delicate items at safe place in the transport so that goods reach the place safely. So labeling aids in quick unpacking of goods and swift arrangements.
  5. Disassemble furniture and other items that need to be taken apart and carefully save any hardware involved.
  6. Do not pack cheque book, credit card and other valuable documents. Carry such important documents with you.
  7. Loosely wrap fragile items individually with bunched up paper, bubble wrap or foam paper. 
  8. Take special care of small items and see that they are wrapped properly and packed so that they are no lost in the transit . Taping over with bright colored tape and marking is good packing technique to highlight a very small item. 
  9. Pictures, glass frames and mirrors should be packed in blankets, bubble wraps or foam wraps. These should be kept in flattened out cartons with plenty of cushion on glass and the edges. Also tape the end of the box so that these delicate items do not unexpectedly slide out during transit.
  10. Place lamp and lamp shades separately. Wrap lamp in bubble wraps and place lamp shade in clean and spic and span box.
  11. Wrap electronic equipment in blanket
  12. Light and loose things can be put in plastic bags by taping them well so that they are not ripped off in transit.

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